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Moving Tips Guide

Our Moving Tips Guide is your guide to a smooth move.

>> What To Do When You Know You Are Moving
>> Renting a Tuck vs. hiring a Professional Mover
>> CRS Moving Service
>> Helpful Tools for a Successful Move
>> Binding vs. Non-Binding Estimates
>> Packing Preparation
>> Self Pack vs Mover Pack
>> Appliances, Electronics, & Liability
>> Full Value Protection
>> Paying for Your Move
>> The Paperwork
>> Utility Termination
>> Departure Arrangements
>> Car Moving Company
>> Packing Day
>> Loading Day
>> Delivery Day
>> What If Your Shipment is Delayed
>> Unpacking
>> Public/Self Storage Delivery
>> Mover Storage
>> Damage Claims
>> Missing Items

Renting a Tuck vs. hiring a Professional Mover
The first issue to tackle when planning your own move is deciding whether to use a rental truck or hire a professional moving company. Cost and logistical planning are determining factors in this decision. The cost of gas, accommodations en route, and the possible necessity of hiring labor at origin and destination all contribute to the overall expense of a rental truck move. Coordinating a self move is also complicated. Determining what size truck is necessary for the load, finding friends or paid laborers to help, and loading the truck properly to avoid damage are logistical issues which can quickly become overwhelming.

Hiring a professional mover can reduce the hassles associated with moving, but it by no means makes for a stress free experience. Placing all of your precious possessions in the hands of a stranger is nerve racking to say the least. Using this booklet and our resources will increase the likelihood of a successful move.


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