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Consumers Relocation Goes Green To Support Our Environment

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Being a responsible corporate citizen, Consumers Relocation supports taking actions
to make our environment clean and more efficient.

We work hard to make our offices environmentally friendly by recycling, choosing
efficient lighting, and using “green” cleaning products.

Check back to this page often as we will be offering tips and special Green products
to our customers as well. In the mean time some helpful hints to help our environment.


• Use bulbs and fixtures bearing Energy Star
• Switch to compact fluorescent bulbs- we did and cut our electric bill in half
• Replace halogen floor lamps with energy-efficient models
• Keep bulbs and fixtures clean
• Turn off unnecessary lighting, coffee pots, micro waves and computers

Laundry Room
• Use cold water settings
• Clean the dryer filter often after each use
• Load the washing machine to capacity
• Dry full loads when possible

• Control refrigerator and freezer temperatures
• Check refrigerator door seals
• Locate refrigerator away from ovens, stoves and direct light
• Clean the condenser coils
• Level the refrigerator
• Use Microwave ovens when you can
• Use the smallest pan necessary to get the job done.

• Waterbeds are a huge energy user
• Electric blankets are also a big energy user

Reduce Water costs
• Electric hot water heaters are one of the most significant energy users
of electricity in a home
• Set your water heater thermostat at the lowest temperature that provides
with sufficient hot water
• Going on vacation, turn down water heater

• Replace furnace filters
• Keep baseboards and radiators clear
• Close dampers when not using your fireplace
• On sunny days take advantage of the free heat
• Too hot, don’t open your windows- turn down the thermostat
• Seal drafts

This list of helpful hints as seen in R.K. Miles Dwell Well 07 Home Show


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